~ Anniversaries ~
A fairy tale in pink
Romantic, tender and bubbly ... This bouquet is appropriate for weddings, anniversaries or for your loved ones ... Paint life in pink !
~ Arrangements in vase ~
Imagine their joy when they open the door and see these beautiful romantic flowers in a glass vase that is tied with extravagant lace.
~ Romantic flowers ~
April in Belgrade
Charming cultivated and wild bouquet inspired by new trends (30x15)
~ Roses ~
Rose - The Queen of flowers
Red - love and romance, yellow - joy, recovery, pink - gratitude, appreciation, white - purity, innocence, apricot - appreciation.
~ Roses in box ~
Queen of the night
Take her breath away! Send this adorable and fragrant red roses in a black velvet box. Let the magic starts! Those perfectly arranged roses in a black velvet box will take her breath away. (19x30)
~ Romantic flowers ~
Only for you !
A bouquet of red roses always symbolizes love and romance and awakes beauty and perfection. Only for you!
~ For lovers ~
Hugging you
This cheerful bouquet embraced by our teddy bear conveys warmth, hugs and kisses.
~ Gifts ~
Floral and fruity
This basket combined with cheerful flowers and fruits will certainly make someone’s day. (Dim. 40 x 40)
~ Anniversaries ~
Love tree
Let the root of love be within. Let your love blossom like this tree! (Dim.90x35)
~ For all occasions ~
Spring awakenings
... a piece of nature for someone you love ...
~ Roses ~
Simply gentle
A classic bouquet of white and champagne roses. (Basic 31 roses, medium 35 roses, elegant 39 roses)
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